Evangelical Church of God - "Just Add Jesus To It"

MissionFest 2014  was held at the Evangelical Church of God to held advanced the ministry beyond the walls of the church.

A Missionary team from First Baptist Church in Fort Payne Alabama came to Toledo Ohio to support the ministry of the Evangelical Church of God. 

Over a period of 4 days we walked through the neighborhood and passed out information about the church and the up coming event on Saturday (Block party). The mission team also help out with repairs, and building improvements. On Saturday we held a "Block Party on the church lot which include popcorn, hotdogs, face painting, games and a Disney Bouncer.

On Sunday, we worship and fellowship together to celebrate the Lord's ministry at our church. As a result of MissionFest 4 souls gave their lives to the Lord, and 2 people re-committed their life to Christ.  

By Pastor Ken Rupert  

Pictures from Mission-Fest October 2014

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