Evangelical Church of God - "Just Add Jesus To It"
Ministry Financial Supporters needed to help support the Evangelical Church of God for 3Months. We are asking if you could support this ministry by contributing $25.00per month to help support this ministry expenses.
There are certain property improvements that is needed immediately such as: Replacing and adding a new entrance porch, and laying stone in the parking lot to allow off street parking on the church property, and expanding the driveway entrance.  We are asking if you could commit to offering $25.00 per months for a period of 3 months.  Because the Evangelical Church of God is anew church start the pastor position will not be a paid position for at least year.  So our expenses are operating expenses in which tithe and offerings should cover these operation expenses.
Mail Contribution to:
Operation Re-Seed Christian Ministries
C/O Evangelical Church of God
P.O 141193
Toledo, Ohio  43614
Thank You! Pastor Ken Rupert
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