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Couples and Pre-Marital Class

Why take a Relationship Class?

  • Couples who participate in a Marriage preparation class are less likely to divorce.
  • Marriage education can provide the opportunity to screen the baggage, identify the threats (past family pain, unresolved anger issues, recent hurts), address and resolve them, and therefore diffuse any ticking time bombs that can and will threaten your marriage relationship.
  • Couples who go through Marriage education can learn these principles for success (and more) and put them into practice.
  • The earlier a couple spends time and energy on their relationship, the better their chances are of having a happy, fulfilling, and successful marriage.
  • Marriage education can be the springboard for a lifetime of conscious activities that enhance your relationship.

 Who should attend?
  • Those in complicated relationships
  • Couples who are dating and considering engagement
  • Couples who are dating
  • Married couples who have ran into a few relationship bumps in the road

 Benefits of this class
  • Provide a blue print for a healthy marriage
  • Develop a healthy foundation of marriage
  • Learn skills that are necessary for a successful marriage
  • Learn how to share your thoughts and feelings
  • Learn how to find workable solutions do solving differences

Goal - By the end of this Marriage workshop you will have a good understanding on what it takes to have a successful marriage.

 It’s NOT Complicated Pre-Marital Workshop is a 8 session 90 minute program. Classes are held once a week.

Sessions Outline
Session 1-        Foundations for building a successful Marriage
                      Two Stages of Romantic Love
Session 2         Family of Origin Stuff
                      Solving disagreements without arguing
Session 3         Being able to Apologize
                      Being able to forgive
Session 4         Self-Cleaning Toilets
                      Money and Honey
Session 5         Mutual Sexual Fulfillment
Session 6         Communication in relationship
                      Sharing your thoughts and feelings
Session 7         Spirituality is not going to church
                      Personality influence behavior
Session 8         Relationships the way they were created to be

For more information please contact: Rev. Ken Rupert at 419.297.3530

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