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Anger Check
Anger Management Program 
Operation Re-Seed Christian Ministries

The Anger Check Anger Management Program is a 10 to 12 week program designed to help participants learn and their understand anger, the causes of anger, and to learn healthy ways to response to anger, and to avoid conflicts and problems.  Each session is 90 minutes, and consists of lectures, discussions, review of handouts, and completing various anger self-assessments.  Anger Management Program is a Christian based program.

This program focus on these core objectives: Learning the many faces of anger, anger as a matter of choice, reducing outside influences that creates anger, managing our boundaries, reducing myths, learning to walk in humility, Consistency in Character, reducing personal convictions, and Learning to manage loneliness.

Eligibility and Cost
Individuals will be required to go through an initial screening before being enrolled. The normal cost for an individual is $20 dollars per session, but because this program is a Christian Outreach Ministry the cost is free!

Program Outline

Session 1- Exploring Anger

Session 2- Anger can be managed

Session 3 - Identifying causes of Anger: Unhealthy Dependencies

Session 4- Causes of Anger: Feeling Control

Session 5 – Causes of Anger: Myths

Session 6 – Self Inflicted Anger

Session 7 – Preventing Pride from influences Anger

Session 8 – Personal fears causes anger

Session 9 – Feeling alone causes anger

Session 10- Feeling inferiority causes anger


After completion of this program, participates will be able to identify anger and the causes of anger, and express the various ways of managing their anger when angered.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after completing the required sessions. Letter of enrollment or letter of completion is available upon request.

Classes are ongoing in a group setting on individual sessions.

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